What Banks Don’t Want you to Know About Refinancing

Bank Secrets

We all get to a point in our home ownerships where we begin to think that maybe we should refinance. The reasons to refinance can be to get lower rates, to gain more equity in the home, and to be able to pay off bills because the mortgage payment will be lower. With mortgage rates […]

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Good Move: The Best Moving Companies

Best Moving Companies

Whether you’re moving a house full of antique furniture or a room with a bedroom set and a few belongings, your furniture and other possessions are very important, and ensuring that they will arrive safely to your next residence is crucial. These companies are all rated as being safe, reliable, and professional. If you’re planning […]

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Moving Secrets: How to Save Thousands

Moving Secrets

There is no way around it – moving is expensive. This is especially true if you are moving a great distance or don’t have a truck of your own and must rent one to get the job done. While you will (hopefully) only move once in the near future, you still want to save as […]

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Breaking the Bank: The Most Expensive Homes in the U.S.

Most Expensive Homes

When most of us go home shopping, we have a very specific budget that we need to stick to. Despite our long list of desires that we would like to find in a new home, most of the time our purchase comes down to getting the most that we can for our money. For the […]

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Homes of the Super Rich: New York City’s Most Expensive Condos

Most Expensive Condos

Generally we think of homes as having the highest prices on the consumer real estate market, but there are many condominium units that will give any home a run for its money. Luxury condos combine the convenience of downtown living with spacious interiors and incredible views. Great condo buildings also offer amenities such as pools, […]

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Secret Escape – The Most Beautiful Gardens

Most Beautiful Gardens

Most of the time spent house shopping is focused on what the interior of the home is like. The kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and more are all carefully analyzed for both their current condition and future potential. However, once moved in, many home owners learn just how important the exterior of the home is […]

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Rich and Famous: The Most Beautiful Celebrity Homes

Celebrity Homes

There are some fabulous homes, and the more expensive they get, the more appeal they tend to have. Celebrity homes have long intrigued public interest which is why we’ve decided to share a few celebrity homes with our readers that we think they’ll find stunning. These houses are not just some of the most beautiful […]

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How to Save Thousands When Buying a Home

Save Thousands on a New Home

If you have been searching for a home, you know how expensive it can be. It doesn’t stop with just the price of the house, either. Add on fees, taxes, and other expenses, like moving in, and you can be looking at quite a large amount of money in a relatively short amount of time. […]

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