Furnish Your Home for Cheap

Furnish Your Home for Cheap

Wow, you are finally out on your own. You have the apartment, you paid the security deposit. You have literally bought enough boxes and packing tape to pack everything you own and more. You are in your new apartment and looking around and wonder how you are going to pull off getting furniture. Most of your life savings just went to getting the roof over your head and now you need something to lay your head on.

Furnishing Your Home Cheaply

Look Around For Free Stuff

Everyday there are people who are replacing their furniture. These are the people who have been at the living on their own stage in life a bit longer than you. These are the people who can throw away perfectly good furniture because it has a few nicks and scratches. This is the golden find for those just starting out! Often, there is nothing wrong with the furniture. A few scratches? Scratches can be taken care of with some touch up paint. If you are of the creative type then break out the sandpaper and paint. By redoing the furniture you find for free you are saving yourself some big bucks.

Less Is More

Keep in mind that you are just starting out. Using the same piece of furniture for different things is perfectly okay. You have a table. This same table can be used as a kitchen table, your desk and a place to entertain. There is no reason why you need a desk right away. Good organizational skills and a few totes will help keep everything under control.

Yard Sales

Who doesn’t love a great yard sale? There are so many different things because people all have different tastes. The greatest thing is that people will sell you the stuff for cheap. This is one of the easiest ways to furnish your home for cheap! Once you get everything back to your place you clean it up and set it in place. Later, when you have a bit more money then you can begin to replace things as you go. When you have some free time, get some paint and begin painting your finds so that all of the colors will match. There are so many great decorating ideas that can be found just by doing a search on the Internet or looking in magazines.

Build Your Own

This does not mean that you have to build all of your own furniture but there are little things you can do. A pot rack or hanger can be done with a couple of strong pieces of lumber, some nails and heavy duty hooks. All together this project can be done for about $20. The same goes for a lot of the little things you want but just can’t afford at the moment. There are so many ways to furnish your home for cheap and still have it look great. Keep your eyes open and there are bargains to be found pretty much everywhere.