How to Create a Fabulous Garden

Fabulous Garden

Even a modest garden can be a fabulous garden with a little innovation and the right design. Year round gardens that invite and enhance your lifestyle with the perfect relaxing niche for cozy enjoyment can be created with a little dirt, a few rocks and a sprinkle of plants. There are some fabulous garden ideas to take your dull and ordinary yard to a magnificent array of textures, colors and accessories.

How to Create a Fabulous Garden recently released a list of trends popular in gardens for 2013, which we’ve outlined below. The ideas can be used in a number of areas in the yard- around the pool, in the courtyard, on the patio, and so on. Let’s take a look.

Popular Garden Design Idea Trends

One of the most popular ideas is fire and water, which offers a calming atmosphere that is ideal for both smaller spaces and large areas, such as around the swimming pool.

Hi-tech elements are also a fabulous way to design a garden that can be controlled by devices such as tablets or smartphones, offering the ability to turn on fountains, water taps, fire pits, and so on.

Splashes of color like purple, blue, yellow, pink and red can really create an interesting appeal. Ways to add color include incorporating colorful furniture or furniture cushions, mosaic tiles, and painting fencing or a gate.

Succulents and ornamental grasses are also ideal for gardens. Succulents add a nice touch to many areas, including around containers. For a variety of textures and colors ornamental grasses can be used. Native plants are a means to create a natural garden that offer a meadow-like design in place of a lawn. When you design your garden consider whether it has a purpose. The shape and design are important to create a garden that is tasteful, unique and appealing. Planning is necessary, and everything should be drawn on paper. Garden planning includes measuring, plotting, designing and drawing. The basic elements of landscape design are:

  • Color
  • Form
  • Line
  • Scale
  • Texture

Garden Design Resources

The different elements create the overall feel of the garden. For more design ideas, there are many sources on the net that offer design ideas and planning information such as The Landscape Design Site and Landscape Design for Beginners. The sites offer design and ideas for front yards, backyards, garden pond ideas, patios, garden paths, and walkways, landscape steps and stairs, decorative concrete and garden arches and arbors. The Landscape Design Site also has information on how to plan, principles of landscape design, garden design, choosing the right plants, plant databases, and lawn care offering a total understanding of all the necessities and involvement in planning a garden.