How to Pack for Your Big Move

How to Pack for Your Big Move

Moving to a new home is an exciting time in anyone’s life. You are probably a bit overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done, and the process of buying a new house while selling your old one can take its toll. Being highly organized with the moving all of your stuff to a new place will help reduce your stress level and make sure you have only good memories of the big move. If you are looking for a simple and effective solution to how to pack for your big move, use the following four steps and don’t look back.

Packing for the Big Move in Four Simple Steps

Step One – Put it Down on Paper

Before any items actually make their way into boxes, start by making lists of all of your major possessions. These lists can be as detailed as you would like, but make sure to include all of the items that are important to you and are surely making the move. Smaller things like kitchen utensils or fake plants might be making the trip, but they don’t need to be included. With your lists made, separate the items out into categories for labeling purposes. These categories should be designed with the location in mind – garage, attic, kitchen, bedrooms, etc.

Step Two – Create Holding Spots

If your current residence has a garage, mark off areas in the garage to place items from within the different categories. Some of the items will fit inside of boxes, but others will just have to be left loose. When moving day does come around, your piles will be easy to move into the truck and unload at the destination. Making one trip for each category could be a great way to make the move as efficient as possible.

Step Three – Take the Opportunity to Clean House

Since you are moving anyway, take this chance to evaluate some of your possessions and decide if you wish to keep them and take them with you to the new place. You might find that some of your things never get used and hold no sentimental value. You could have a moving sale to rid yourself of some of the items, or just donate them to a local charity.

Step Four – One Person in Charge

When you are actively moving your items from one home to another, make one person in charge of the operation. This way, if there are friends or relatives helping with the move, they will all know who to ask when they have questions about where something goes or what to take. Using a ‘point person’ in this manner will help avoid confusion and make the day as quick and easy as can be.