Secret Escape – The Most Beautiful Gardens

Most Beautiful Gardens

Most of the time spent house shopping is focused on what the interior of the home is like. The kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and more are all carefully analyzed for both their current condition and future potential. However, once moved in, many home owners learn just how important the exterior of the home is to their enjoyment of the property. Some of the most beautiful gardens can be found on the private property of proud home owners. While there are many different types of gardens that can be installed and maintained on your property, following are three of the most popular and most beautiful.

Three Stunning Garden Ideas for the Home

Water Gardens

If you live in a warm climate where green plants and cool water are hard to come by naturally, installing a water garden is a great idea. Your yard will instantly be more peaceful with the sound of running water, and the sky is the limit for the types of plants that you can grow in and around the aquatic setting. A water garden also can serve as a centerpiece for the rest of the yard to be designed around. Eyes will naturally be drawn to the water feature, so the rest of the landscape can quickly come together around that point.

Rose Garden

Who doesn’t love roses? These incredibly beautiful flowers grow on bushes that can be quite hardy when cared for properly. It might take a few growing seasons for your rose bushes to become established, but once they do you can count on year after year of great looking blooms that will fill your yard with a great aroma in addition to the visual component they add. Thanks to modern horticulture, you can find roses in just about every possible color imaginable. The options for a rose garden are only limited by your own efforts and creativity.

Perennial Gardens

For the homeowner that enjoys nice flowers in the yard but doesn’t want to be tied to hour after hour of work, the perennial garden is a great choice. Once installed, these flowers will return year after year with minimal maintenance required. Simply provide the garden with a little fertilizer and some water, and watch it thrive. You will probably only get one period of bloom throughout the year, but just the leaves themselves can provide a nice green accent to your yard without the work that annuals require. For a nice combination, mark of part of your garden as a perennial area, with the rest reserved for annuals that can be redone each spring.