Breaking the Bank: The Most Expensive Homes in the U.S.

Most Expensive Homes

When most of us go home shopping, we have a very specific budget that we need to stick to. Despite our long list of desires that we would like to find in a new home, most of the time our purchase comes down to getting the most that we can for our money. For the buyers of the five homes on the list below, budget was not a major concern when making their purchase. In fact, based on the price tags of these most expensive homes, it would seem that the word ‘budget’ was simply not in the vocabulary at all.

Five of the Most Expensive Homes in the U.S.

Bel Air Mansion – $40 Million

The greater Los Angeles area is not a surprising place to find one of the country’s most expensive homes, and that is exactly where you can see this ridiculous 35,000 square foot palace. Having guests over and don’t want a line for the bathroom? No worries – this estate has 21 of them. Add in a tennis court, swimming pool, wine cellar, and three kitchens, and it’s easy to see how this property demanded such an incredible price.

Porcupine Creek in California – $42.9 Million

Love golf but hate all of those pesky golfers getting in your way? Porcupine Creek is perfect for you – This 16 bedroom home comes with its own 19-hole golf course. Located on almost 250 acres, you probably won’t have to worry about turning the stereo down to please the neighbors.

The Vanderbilt Mansion, Manhattan – $48 Million

With name recognition and an unbeatable Manhattan location, the Vanderbilt Mansion has long been seen as one of the most valuable residential properties in the country. Featuring five stories of luxury and over 12,000 square feet, it is a far departure from the studio apartments that most in Manhattan call home.

Spelling Manor, Los Angeles – $85 Million

Keeping with the theme of name recognition, the Spelling Manor is one of the most famous homes in the country. It is hard to imagine ever getting to know all of this home no matter how long one lived there, considering it includes 123 rooms and covers more than 55,000 square feet.

Silicon Valley Mansion – $100 Million

If you had to guess where the most valuable home in the country was located, Silicon Valley might have been one of your first guesses. There is plenty of money in the area, and the beautiful weather makes it an attractive option for any wealthy buyer. This 30,000 square foot mansion is found on 11 acres in Los Altos and contains absolutely everything you would expect to find in a home that cost nine-figures to purchase.